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6 baby weaning experts to follow on Instagram

Get the expert advice you need to take the stress out of weaning your baby courtesy of these experts on Instagram…

Weaning your baby is a big milestone and one that can often be overwhelming for parents. Should you go for baby led or purées? Veg first or baby rice? How exactly *should* you cut a grape to prevent choking? And don’t even get us started on introducing allergens.

Luckily there is a huge wealth of information and recipe inspiration for every approach available on Instagram, as dieticians, chefs and savvy parents all share their expertise with their followers, helping to cut through all the noise and make weaning a fun experience, rather than a stressful one.

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Here are a few of our favourites to follow wherever you’re at on your weaning journey.

SR Nutrition

Behold, your weaning guru, Charlotte Stirling-Reed. If you have a question about feeding your baby or toddler, chances are Charlotte has it covered on her feed, in her blog, or in her best-selling book, How To Wean Your Baby.

Charlotte also worked with Joe Wicks on his book Wean in 15, and regularly details her own weaning experiences and family meals she cooks for her children Raffy and Ada, showing that ensuring they get their five-a-day and all the nutrients they need doesn’t have to require spending all day in the kitchen. Follow on Instagram @sr_nutrition.

Children’s Dietician

Paediatric dietician and feeding therapist Lucy shared lots of handy information and recipes with her 27,000 followers, covering everything from allergies to fussy eaters. Follow @childrensdietician.

Food Safety Mum

The whole issue of freezing and reheating meals can be a confusing one, which is where Food Safety Mum comes in. Her feed is packed with useful insights on how best to cool and store leftovers, what you can and can’t refreeze, and how to ensure your family avoid food poisoning at home. Follow @foodsafetymum for more.

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Rebecca Wilson Food

Formerly known as What Mummy Makes, Rebecca Wilson shares recipes that are as loved by parents as they are babies, along with sweet behind-the-scenes glimpses at family life with her daughter Nina. She is the author of two What Mummy Makes cookbooks, along with Family Comforts, which is released in September. Follow Rebecca at @rebeccawilsonfood.

Wean in 15

Although the Instagram page for Joe Wicks’ book of the same name isn’t updated as much anymore, it has loads of recipes and insights from Joe’s own weaning experiences with his children Indie and Marley to trawl back through. See more at @weanin15_.

Solid Starts

With a focus on baby led weaning, Solid Starts should be your go-to for details on how best to serve different foods for babies and toddlers of all ages, and how to introduce them safely. Get more information at @solidstarts.

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