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Giovanna Fletcher highlights the importance of asking for help in motherhood

Mum-of-three and Happy Mum, Happy Baby author Giovanna Fletcher sparked an important conversation about mental health in motherhood on Instagram…

“From one mum to another can you help me, I’m feeling broken.” This was one of the heartbreaking messages recently received by Giovanna Fletcher on Instagram, which she shared to highlight just how important it is for mothers to seek help when they need it, and to support one another.

The I’m a Celebrity winner said she wanted the woman to realise she’s not alone in feeling the way she does, and invited her followers to share their own words of wisdom and support in recognition of the challenges mums can often face.

Giovanna Fletcher shared the messages she received from a mother on Instagram

“So many of us feel broken. So many of us feel like we’re drowning. We shouldn’t be ashamed to hold our hands up and say we’re struggling and ask for help when we need it,” Giovanna wrote.

Unsurprisingly, the post resonated with many of Giovanna’s followers, including Kate Lawler, who said her first four months of motherhood were “the toughest months of my entire life”.

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Ashley James added: “I needed to read this today.” Meanwhile, Jamelia wrote: “Oh yes, but please take it from someone who has come through to the other side (more than once), we have ALL been there, but the dark days won’t last forever, the light always comes and things do get easier. You are capable, full of potential and absolutely NOT alone.”

Giovanna’s book, Happy Mum, Happy Baby, discusses her own experiences of motherhood

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Giovanna’s post highlights the need for mothers to feel they can speak openly about their experiences, being honest about the challenges and struggles they may face, and knowing they will get the support they need.

Sometimes, it’s just words of support from fellow mums who can relate and help us recognise that we’re not the only ones who feel like this. But for others, more help may be required, whether through counselling or practical support via the NHS or charities like PANDAs.

If you too are struggling, don’t be afraid to reach out to any of these five free resources for mental health support, and follow these steps to ensure you get the postnatal care you need – and deserve – if you feel like that would also be beneficial.

As Giovanna says, it’s crucial we show all mums they’re not on their own. We all have these feelings from time to time, but you absolutely can and will get through it.

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