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Millie Mackintosh reveals pregnancy skin complaints mums-to-be will relate to: Melasma, itching & more

Former Made in Chelsea star Millie Mackintosh is expecting her second child with husband Hugo Taylor, and has been sharing her experiences on Instagram…

Millie Mackintosh showed off her radiant pregnancy glow in a couple of makeup-free selfies on Instagram this week, and surprised her fans by revealing she’s experiencing some skin irritation during her second trimester.

The former Made in Chelsea star, who announced her second pregnancy in June, asked for advice on how to manage some of the issues, such as melasma, puffiness and dry skin.

Millie Mackintosh glows in a makeup-free pregnancy selfie
Millie Mackintosh has melasma in her second pregnancy

“Along with the common ‘pregnancy glow’ there are a few other skin side effects with growing a human – stretch marks are spoken about a lot, but have any of the below affected you?” Millie asked. “Breakouts, it’s like the week before my period all the time! I seem to constantly have an angry chin spot… also not helped by wearing a mask! I have also noticed pimples on the backs of my arms, I had these towards the end of my last pregnancy and they didn’t completely go away after.”

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Among her other skin concerns, Millie detailed dry and itchy knees and elbows, red and puffy cheeks, and pigmentation.

“I have white circles under my eyes as if I have been sunbathing with goggles on! The condition is called melasma or commonly known as the ‘mask of pregnancy’,” Millie explained.

Millie Mackintosh, Hugo Taylor and their daughter Sienna reveal her baby scan
Millie Mackintosh and Hugo Taylor are expecting another baby girl

Millie’s skin complaints are incredibly common and among the many side effects of pregnancy. If you too have melasma or rashes in pregnancy, here are the details you need to know…

What is melasma and how can I prevent it?

As Millie shared, melasma is commonly referred to as the mask of pregnancy and is caused by hyperpigmentation. It is due to an increase in melanin in the skin and can lead to brown patches developing on the face. Limiting sun exposure between 10am-3pm, using a sunscreen of at least factor 30 and wearing a wide-brimmed hat outdoors can all be helpful in preventing melasma.

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What are other common pregnancy skin side effects?

These are just some things you may experience. Many rashes and itching skin will often clear up on their own, but if you have severe itching over your whole body, including your palms and feet, see your doctor, as it could be a sign of cholestasis.

◦ Acne

◦ Stretch marks

◦ Varicose veins

◦ Skin tags

◦ Itchy rashes

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