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5 Instagram accounts to follow for breastfeeding support

Get the support you need and learn more about breastfeeding courtesy of these experts...

Breastfeeding can be incredibly rewarding, but it doesn’t come without its challenges. From getting the correct latch to preventing mastitis and weaning when the time is right for you, there’s lots to consider.

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Here in the UK we have some of the lowest breastfeeding rates in the world, with many mothers struggling to get started, or stopping before they wanted to, often due to a lack of support.

The UK has some of the lowest breastfeeding rates in the world

According to UNICEF’s Baby Friendly Initiative, only 17 percent of UK babies are exclusively breastfed at three months, which drops to one percent at six months. The same report found that eight out of ten mothers in the UK stopped breastfeeding before they wanted to, and states that “this is a public health imperative for which government, policy makers, businesses, communities and families all share responsibility”.

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Whatever stage of your breastfeeding journey you are at, help is out there, including some incredible resources on Instagram. We’ve rounded up five accounts to follow for guidance, fascinating facts and funny chat about all things feeding related.

Feed Eat Speak

With 61,000 followers and counting, Stacey Zimmels is an IBCLC lactation consultant and feeding and speech therapist. Her page is filled with easy to understand information on everything from cluster feeding to pumping, and she also runs regular Q&A sessions through Instagram Stories which is ideal if you have a particular issue you want to know more about. Follow Stacey at @feedeatspeak.

Lucy Webber

IBCLC Lucy Webber shares regular posts including photos and videos to showcase the best latch, answers to common breastfeeding questions and quotes to provide reassurance to mothers. See more at @lmj.infantfeedingsupport.

Milk Making Mama

Bringing humour to the IBCLC field with her amusing Tik Tok videos, the Milk Making Mama has just about every breastfeeding question covered on her feed, which has over 50,000 followers. Join them at @milkmakingmama.

Lyndsey Hookway

If it’s non-judgement parenting advice you’re after as well as breastfeeding support, Lyndsey Hookway has it covered. A qualified IBCLC and holistic sleep coach, she offers regular Q&A sessions, and tips on anything from safe sleep to night weaning. See more at @lyndsey_hookway.

Kay Barber

Another IBCLC sharing her expertise on Instagram is Kay Barber. Her infographics and videos are shared to empower mums, and you’re sure to learn a lot from her feed. Follow Kay at @kaybarberibclc.

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