6 celebrity mums we love for keeping it real on social media

These celebrity mums have been candid about their experiences of motherhood on social media...

As amazing as life with a baby is, it isn’t without it’s challenges, but you wouldn’t always know it when you scroll through social media. From the smiling babies to the elaborate sensory play setups created by their glossy and groomed mums, it can all make you feel bad about yourself when you’re struggling to find time to even have a shower.

It’s important to remember that social media is just a highlights reel for many of us, and these photos only capture a split second of what may also have been a chaotic and stressful day. But it also helps us realise we’re not alone when mums showcase the less glamorous side of parenting, which is why we love these celebrity mums for telling it like it is, whether it’s sharing stories about engorged boobs, the stigma of breastfeeding in public, or the rollercoaster of emotions many of us experience after birth. Well worth a follow if you don’t already.

Paloma Faith


Photo: @palomafaith

Since welcoming her second daughter in February, Paloma Faith has been sharing a postpartum diary detailing her recovery and challenges with breastfeeding, her daughter’s tongue tie and even revealing her fears about how motherhood will impact her career. We love how candid she has been, and how she’s used her platform to help other mums by sharing an Instagram Live with a midwife and IBCLC to discuss issues many of us will experience.

Ashley James


Photo: @ashleylouisejames

Former Made in Chelsea star Ashley’s son Alf was born in January, and since his birth she’s been highlighting the lack of education and support many mums have for common postpartum issues including prolapse and other pelvic dysfunction. As well as speaking candidly about her own prolapse and physiotherapy, she has opened up about the stigma around breastfeeding in public and her guilt around balancing work with motherhood, and no doubt helped thousands of other new mums in the process.

Lucy Mecklenburgh


Photo: @lucymeck1

Lucy has often spoken about how she wants to normalise breastfeeding in the UK, after receiving criticism both online and in person for feeding her son Roman. Her Instagram feed shows the realities of being a working mum; trying to find time to workout, play with her one-year-old, focus on her business and get a bit of ‘me-time’, and now she’s even added a house renovation into the mix.

Kate Lawler


Photo: @thekatelawler

Kate Lawler has documented the rollercoaster of emotions many of us experience in early motherhood since welcoming her daughter Noa in February. She’s faced multiple hospital visits, struggles with the demands of breastfeeding and the inevitable sleep deprivation, and rather than gloss over it, she has been incredibly open about the way she has been feeling – and a lot of mums will be able to relate.

Millie Mackintosh


Photo: @milliemackintosh

Millie’s daughter Sienna was born during the first lockdown, and like many new mums she’s turned to her Instagram followers for support. Whether it’s sharing her fears over Sienna choking while weaning or discussing learning to love her post-baby body, Millie’s posts have been relatable and helpful to those in a similar position.

Kate Ferdinand


Photo: @xkateferdinand

From body image to her decision to bottle feed, Kate hasn’t shied away from sharing her feelings and the ups and downs of new motherhood with her 1.5 million Instagram followers in the months since having her son Cree. While she didn’t need to justify the way she feeds her baby or feeling down despite admitting she is “blessed to live the life I do”, we applaud her for showing motherhood is a huge adjustment for us all.

Which celebrity mums do you like to follow on Instagram? Is there anyone we’ve missed?


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