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3 innovative rental schemes for mum and baby

Save waste and do your bit for the environment by renting mum and baby essentials...

They may be little, but babies need a lot of stuff, much of which they grow out of within a few weeks. Not only can it drain your bank balance and cause chaos in your home (seriously where do you keep it all?!), it is also bad for the environment, with everything from baby toys to baths ending up in landfill when they’re no longer in use.

While you could sell things on using sites like eBay and Facebook Marketplace, a new wave of clever schemes are making it easier than ever by offering rental on baby essentials, toys, and even your maternity wardrobe, so you can use things for as long as you need to before sending them straight back, rather than stashing them all in the loft or garage like so many of us do. Less waste + less clutter – win-win. Here are a few to try…

For The Creators

This Whistles dress is among the styles available to rent

Starting with pregnancy, you will need at least a few new items of maternity clothing to accommodate your growing bump, while postpartum you may want a few new bits that are suitable for your ever-changing figure. This is where For the Creators comes in. Launched with the aim to “revolutionise postnatal fashion”, they offer rental on current season fashion from brands including Whistles, And Other Stories and Free People, so you can look and feel good at all those post-lockdown outings without spending a fortune on clothes that you may not get much opportunity to wear. See more details at

My Fourth Trimester

This Mokee Moses basket is available to hire

It’s so easy to get carried away buying equipment we think we need for our babies, particularly first-time round. But if you’re anything like us, you may have discovered that some things barely got used while others such as your Moses basket and first baby bath were outgrown within weeks. Cue My Fourth Trimester; this rental site is the UK’s first offering baby and nursery essentials to hire, with the aim of helping to save parents money and save the planet.

Here you can rent everything from bedside cribs to slings from premium brands such as Mokee and Shnuggle, meaning you don’t have to sacrifice on style or quality to do your bit for the environment. See more at


Whirli is a toy subscription service for 0-8 year olds

If you’ve found that your house is quickly becoming filled with toys that were used for a couple of weeks before being cast aside in favour of something new, you’ll love Whirli. This subscription service offers access to leading toys and games for babies and children up to eight years old, utilising a tokens system based on the products’ retail value. You can rent each toy for as long as you like before returning, and even buy anything your little ones particularly love if they can’t bear to be parted with it. A great way to try before you buy. See more at

Have you tried a rental service? Are there any others you would recommend?

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