Why Motherhood Your Way is an essential read for new mums

At a time when mums are overwhelmed with conflicting information about how to raise their babies, a new book will help to uncover your motherly intuition...

Hollie de Cruz has done it again. The author, known for hypnobirthing book Your Baby, Your Birth, is back with her second book, and it’s something all new mums will benefit from.

Covering the first year of motherhood from the first 48 hours through the fourth trimester and beyond, Hollie writes like a supportive friend sharing advice and tools to help you find your own way, something that women who have become mothers during the past year of lockdowns and isolation will particularly value.

Motherhood Your Way book
Photo: Ebury Books

Having become a first time mum myself just before the second UK lockdown, I turned to the internet to become my virtual ‘village’ in the absence of seeing a health visitor or friends and family. But I quickly realised that there is so much conflicting information out there it is easy to feel overwhelmed, confused, and often as though you are doing everything wrong.

This is where the book comes in. Hollie’s words and techniques throughout different stages of motherhood are already helping me to tune out the noise and into my own intuition, helping me to understand that no one knows my baby as well as me, and what works for one baby won’t work for others – and that’s okay!

Motherhood Your Way by Hollie De Cruz, £10.49, Amazon

I read the whole book in one sitting and intend to keep going back and referring to different sections, completing exercises such as creating a motherhood mood board to focus on what type of mum I am and hope to be, and thinking about the little acts of self care I can do to help me feel better amid the disturbed nights and tiring days where I often only have a few minutes completely to myself.

Hollie offers the words of wisdom and understanding I’ve needed all along, and I loved the book so much I’ve already ordered copies for friends who are also navigating new motherhood in the midst of our global pandemic.

Whether you’ve been a mum for five months or five days, I’ve no doubt there’ll be something in this book for you. The biggest lesson of all to takeaway? You are everything your baby needs and more. Don’t forget it.

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